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08 Oct 2022 Sat 06:26 AM

    The methods to find what is the best online casino for real money.

    What is the best online casino for real money? Be sure to learn about gambling online first with websites that allow you to test tables with fake credits. This is a great way to experience how it is to gamble with real money.

    After you have tested gambling games with mock cash, it is time to bet with real money. The stakes would obviously have increased as you are not only betting with your emotions and time but with real money as well.

    However before you play with real money, you should make sure you have found the best website in terms of safety and integrity. Below are some criterias you should look out for.

    1. Do the gambling sites have authentic and relevant licenses and certifications?

    There are many licenses and certifications that gambling platforms can obtain. Be sure to check that they are from reputable corporations.

    The following are examples of a licensing body and a certification organisation. Although an gambling website may not be licensed locally, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a reputable one. As long as it has internationally recognised licenses or certificates, you can rest assured.

    • PAGCOR: This license is issued by the government of Philippines and the organisation has been established since 1977.
    • BMM: This is a private certification lab that audits transactions, gaming systems and technicalities of online gaming sites. They have offices in 13 countries and are headquartered in Las Vegas.

    Other gambling boards in Asia include Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau and Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore.

    2. Will I actually be able to cash-out real money after gaming on the internet?

    Be sure you have done your due-diligence before depositing your money into your gaming account. Does the website allow you to deposit money from established banks or internet banking transfer providers such as paypal or PayTrust88?

    What are the methods of withdrawing your money from your account and how many days will they need to process your requests. Do they display my real money credits clearly in my account information along with providing statements of cash going into and out of my account?

    These are important points to check when starting out. Then, depositing for the first time, start with a small amount and then test if you are able to withdraw your money back to your bank account as well. Long processing times may also be a red flag about the authenticity of the platform.

    3. Does the betting website check my credentials?

    Authentic betting websites will check for your personal information either when you sign up for an account or when you want to deposit money into the account. You will need to submit a picture of your ID or passport to authenticate yourself. This ensures that you are who you say you are and shows that the site takes trust and security seriously.

    These gambling sites may get into trouble with authorities if they allow underaged persons to gamble on their websites, thus they will need to verify your age also. If you find a site that lets you deposit and withdraw with no identification processes, you should stay away as most regulated websites will require this.

    4. Can I use my bonus credits to win real money?

    Many bookie websites give all sorts of attractive bonuses to keep you enticed, but do not allow you to withdraw your winnings when bet with bonus credits. What is the point of these bonuses if they cannot be used to win real money? Do not be fooled by the unrealistic massive payout bonuses that some sites may claim to be giving. Be sure to read the FAQ carefully about bonus points and rewards on how they work.

    Just tell me what is the best online casino for real money already? I can’t be bothered to check all of the above.

    Alright calm down. The following are the best gaming websites for different countries around the region that we have done the vetting and verifications for you so you can save your time and start playing with real money!

    For Singapore online casino, try Hfive5. For other countries, you can select from the list below. Happy gambling with real money!

    List of verified gaming sites by country:

    • Singapore: Hfive5
    • Malaysia: Hfive5
    • Thailand: Yes8 Thailand
    • Vietnam: Vuabai9 International Betting Company
    • USA: Caesars
    • Australia: Bao
    • New Zealand: Sky City