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08 Oct 2022 Sat 07:09 AM

    Guideline from experts: How to win in Casino Singapore

    How to win in casino Singapore? Well, we can't guarantee that you will win every single time but if you follow some of these simple steps, you just may improve your chances when gambling on the internet.

    1. Practice with free trial credits

    Most websites provide free practice credits when you sign up. This is so you have a chance to have a feel at how the games and the website works. Make full use of the credits. Find games that you are comfortable with and seem to be better skilled at. When you see that you tend to win more at certain games, play them when you decide to go in with real money.

    2. Ensure good mental state when you are playing

    To make sure you are making good decisions when playing, make sure you are in sound of mind. Keep hydrated as you may tire easily when dehydrated. Make sure you are also not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Take breaks in between games. This will ensure you make the best decisions.

    3. Keep track of time

    It is for a fact that the longer you spend time there, the more likely you will lose. This is because the casino always has slightly better odds than you at any game. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't gamble.

    This only means that you should fix an amount of time you are comfortable with gambling per session and exit even if you are winning or losing. When your time is up and you are winning and you feel that you would like to play on, set aside a fixed amount of your winnings and play on for a bit more.

    Its up to you if you want to increase your wager but do not touch the winnings that you have set aside earlier. However, if you are losing when your time is up. Practice self-control and stop playing for that session or that game. Try your luck another time.

    4. Claim as much bonuses as you can

    We can safely say that all bookmakers offer bonuses when you sign-up, deposit a certain amount of money or based on the amount of time you gamble on their website. Make sure you check out what are the bonuses available for players so you can redeem them when you have qualified for them.

    Don't just check the bonuses available one single time as from time to time, most internet gambling sites will update or add on more bonuses for players. The more bonuses you have, the more the chances of you winning!

    5. Choose your games wisely!

    Some games have better odds for betters. In general, table games have a lower house edge. Meaning to say you have higher odds of winning compared to other games such as the slots machine which has higher house edge.

    Table games may need more time to learn, but they are worth it. Below are some games in online casino Singapore that have higher odds of winning:

    A. Blackjack - The house edge is only usually 1% for most bankers. This is the lowest of all house edges. Brush up your knowledge of Blackjack and try these tables first!

    B: Roulette - Betting on the suite i.e. red or black has an almost 50/50 chance to win. Some tables even return your bets if the ball falls into the '0' corner.

    C: Baccarat - The banker has slightly higher odds of winning a hand. Be sure to bet on the banker from time to time.

    If you still insist on playing slots after all the advice, make sure you bet big. Play on the machines that you can afford the maximum. Even though you get to play more games when you play the minimum bet, you are more likely to lose.

    6. Employ your own winning strategy!

    After you have played enough betting games, you may be able to find some patterns in the way or style you play. You may be able to further formulate your own strategies that suit you and seem to enable you to win more than not. If you are not able to find a good strategy yet, keep at it and eventually you will!

    In summary of how to win in casino Singapore

    Remember the following:

    • 1. Practice with free credits
    • 2. Ensure good mental state when playing
    • 3. Keep track of time
    • 4. Claim as much bonuses as you can
    • 5. Choose your games wisely
    • 6. Employ your own winning strategy

    When you have done you have tried your trial games and feel ready to try gambling with real money, don't forget to read about "what is the best casino for real money" to find out what are the best bookies available in your country. Don't rush on any platform as they may not be legitimate banker websites! May the odds always be with you!