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08 Oct 2022 Sat 06:52 AM

    7 Strategies How to win at the casino with little money

    How to win at the casino with little money ? Anyone who has stepped into a casino or attempted to play online gambling games have always asked themselves this question. You may also wonder if you can increase your chances if you gamble on either online or offline casinos.

    Firstly, you will need to understand that the odds are always against you when you play at a casino. However if you follow some simple rules, you may increase your chances of walking away from a casino with more money than you started with.

    1. Choose a locally based platform

    The first question you should really ask yourself is where are you right now? If you are a resident of Singapore or you are a tourist there, then the question you should really ask is 'How to win in casino Singapore?'. You may think this is simply a fact not worth mentioning but when it comes to gambling online, there are a few advantages of using a locally based website such as Hfive5. This is because you will not lose money from high exchange rates in addition to the ease of depositing money into your account. As everyone knows, time is money.

    2. Do online casino really pay out?

    When you have found a few locally based online casinos, make sure you check if they are reputable websites with security features and certificates. Different countries offer different certifications to online casinos. Once you have chosen the website, make a small deposit into your account. Then try to withdraw your balance back into your bank account. You do not want to be scammed regardless of having a large amount or small amount of money to wager.

    3. Set a budget

    After you have all the above sorted, you can finally think about your strategies when gambling. First and foremost, set aside a budget for gambling. If you are planning to gamble very often, split this budget to the amount of times you will be gambling over a fixed period. For example, if you have set aside $100 as your monthly gambling budget and you plan to gamble once a week during the weekend, you should only use $25 per week for gambling. If you are still unsure how to set a budget, think about how much money you are willing to lose i.e. when you have lost that money, you are still able to continue having a healthy lifestyle with good cash flow. That is your budget. Be honest with yourself.

    4. Bet on games that have lower payouts

    You may think that this is counter productive but it’s actually the opposite. Games with higher jackpots usually have lower odds compared to games with lower odds. Take the slot games. In order for a casino to pay a high jackpot, there needs to be enough people who have lost the amount equal to or more than the jackpot cumulatively. For a lower jackpot, less people would have needed to lose, hence increasing the chances of you hitting the jackpot!

    5. Put your money on bets with higher odds.

    This is what the professionals call betting on short odds. For example, when betting on a sports game. Casinos calculate the odds of a team winning the other based on a lot of factors such as who is the stronger team, and which team has been on a good streak of games. The team with the higher winning chances will be assigned high odds and a lower payout. Putting your money on this team will increase your chances of winnings as the odds are on your side although the payout may be smaller.

    6. Start Small

    Starting with small antes increases the amount of times you are able to play hands at tables. Be sure to choose tables with lower buy-ins. The more hands you can afford, the more chances you get at the table to win! When your winnings match your initial budget, you can cash out your total winnings and continue playing with your initial budget. Do not re-buy in with the money you have already cashed out on that day. You can also increase your risk-appetite by increasing your ante while feeling secure as you have already kept aside your initial upfront to take home. At the end of the day, you would only have 2 outcomes. You bring home what you went to the casino with, or you have more as winnings!

    7. Self Control

    With all being said, it’s easier in theory than in practice. Thus, it is important to have self control when gambling. It is easy to let your emotions get the better of you. When you are losing, you want to play even more as you won’t be happy until you have won. When you are winning, it feels good. So you up your ante as well as take riskier bets as the payouts are higher. Remember to follow the rules above and not let your emotions get the better of you.

    To summarise How to win at the casino with little money:

    • 1. Choose a locally based platform
    • 2. Do online casino really pay out
    • 3. Set a budget
    • 4. Bet on games with a lower payout
    • 5. Put your money on bets with higher odds.
    • 6. Start small and put aside some winnings
    • 7. Self Control