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08 Oct 2022 Sat 06:06 AM

    How to do betting soccer in Singapore (updated November 2020)

    Ever wondered if it was possible to place bets on your favourite soccer teams? Will it be safe and fair to do so? Where should I go to do so and is it difficult to do so? Look no further as this article will guide you on how to bet soccer Singapore.

    Everyone knows about the beautiful game called football, or some may refer to it as soccer. Fans scream and shout when watching the game at packed filled stadiums and jump on their feet to cheer. People love soccer and the experience of watching at home can even make you feel like you are actually at the stadium. Why not bring the excitement up a notch by putting a wager on your favourite team? Double the joy when your favourite teams win!

    Here are some ways on how to bet soccer Singapore

    1. Betting online
    2. At Singapore Pools Physical Outlets
    3. Calling the Singapore Pools Phoneline

    We shall expand more about betting online as you are already surfing online at this moment. Betting soccer online in Singapore has never been any simpler and convenient . You do not have to step out of your door, queue up and wait for the cashier to key in your bet and tell you the odds.

    Save time by loading up a form online, choose the bets you want to make, and with a click of a button, the odds will appear. You can make multiple bets per submission so what's not to love? You will be able to preview all the bets you are going to make so make sure that you triple check all of them before you submit!

    What's more, you can actually bet during the match as it happens. The match odds change at every second of the match and you have the choice to place more bets during the game. What can be more exciting than this? Yes the physical betting centres also offer this but wouldn’t it be a better environment to be able to wait for the right time to place the next bet rather than in public? Head on to m8bets to find out more about online betting soccer in Singapore!

    At m8bets, you get to preview matches that are coming up, and also matches that are being played. Scores and odds can also be seen at a glance. It is simple, informative and easy to navigate, making it one of the best platforms to bet on! You can make bets on the top football leagues and also lower leagues.

    Other sports betting is also available such as cricket, tennis, handball, rugby, American Football, and motorsports. This is the ultimate website for sports fans!

    However if you do not fancy soccer or sports for that matter, learn how to buy toto online instead! Head on over to Hfive5 4D site to view all the types of lottery tickets you can buy!