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08 Oct 2022 Sat 06:14 AM

    Understanding how online blackjack works

    Blackjack is one of the most famous games to play at the casino. It is a game which takes some time to learn, but is simple enough once you get the hang of and is very enjoyable and exhilarating. Before we get to the advantages and the mechanics of playing blackjack online, let’s first understand the basic rules of blackjack.

    How online blackjack works?

    You can have multiple players at a table but all players will be playing against the banker i.e. the dealer.

    First, all players, including the banker, get 2 cards to form their hand. Each player takes turns to draw additional cards to make 21 points but be careful not to go over 21. Number cards have equivalent points as represented by the number and all picture cards are worth 10 points. However, the ace is worth 1 or 11 points, depending on which favours the player.

    Based on the total of points in their hand, the player can choose to ‘hit’ which is to draw one card or more by repeating the process. When you are satisfied with the number of points, players can choose to ‘stand’ in which the player will end their turn and the next player takes their turn. At the end of all players' turns, the banker then plays their turn. At the end of the bankers turn, points of individual players are compared to that of the bankers and if you have higher points, you win.

    The amount you pay to play a hand is equivalent to the table buy in which usually ranges from 1 dollar to 100 dollars. You win the equivalent of what you paid as the buy in and you get to keep the buy in if you win. If you lose the round, you lose your buy in.

    Why would someone choose to play poker online? 1) It is easier to learn to play online.

    At an online table, there are guides to tell you what to click on to make your next moves including tips. At a real casino, if you are lucky, you will have a table all to yourself and the croupier in front of you may be able to guide you but more often than not, there will be others at the table.

    Whenever you make a less favourable draw for yourself, the person who is supposed to go next may not like that as their turn to draw comes next and they may feel like you would have taken the draw that was supposed to be theirs.

    There is definitely more tension when there are more players at a table although you are not playing one another. You will be guided from signing up to an account until you withdraw your winnings.

    2) It is, in a way, safer to play at an online casino.

    You are not carrying your money around to trade for chips and then also not cashing out physical money when you win. Instead, you buy credits to play and then withdraw your winnings into your bank account with a click of a button.

    3) Choices of tables and versions of blackjack to play.

    There are technically unlimited amounts of tables to join at an online casino and some table’s rules may have slightly different rules. This gives you more flexibility to choose the tables where the rules are of your preference.

    4) Play at the comfort of your home!

    With the advancement of technology, you are able to play online games without getting out of your chair and on multiple devices. You’re also not only allowed to play multiple hands at a table but have the ability to play multiple hands at multiple tables. You have the flexibility of time and the freedom of being at home!

    Now you may wonder ‘is poker legal in Singapore?’. It is technically legal if you play on a website based offshore such as on Hfive5. To find out more on this topic, you can also head on to their website. We hope you have gained enough knowledge on this page to start your foray into playing black jack online. Win big, with many bonuses on Hfive5!