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08 Oct 2022 Sat 06:25 AM
    Do Online Casinos Really Pay Out?

    There is always one question that crosses our minds every time we spend our hard earned money online. Will the correct products that we purchase online get delivered to us or will the product even arrive at our doorstep? Will the service I paid for be of satisfactory standards? There is the concern when we buy online as we do not actually face the actual physical salesperson or service provider.

    Some websites offer on demand customer care services but it doesn’t give us the same experience ultimately . An actual person serving us gives us the assurance and also a reference point. This, I’m sure, is also the same case when we are gambling online. Do online casinos really pay out?

    Do your checks!

    If you do your research beforehand, you would know how to pick reputable online casinos. No doubt there are some websites that are illegitimate. Make sure they have the appropriate licences, while banking in and withdrawing small amounts first. For a more in depth look at this, you should check out our blog on ‘what is the best online casino real money?’ Scroll to the end if you would just like to see a list of verified bookmakers listed by their countries. Legitimate gambling sites will never try to withhold users funds without any good reasons as this will ruin their reputation.

    Other precautions you can take include making sure the website is using a https (secure) connection. This means the website is more immune towards hacks. Also make sure you are not asked to directly transfer your money to an individual's bank account. This is a big red flag.

    Other giveaways include bad copywriting and content on the website itself. Although it may not be easy to spot, you should spend enough time reading the FAQ, about us and the terms and conditions sections as these are always filled with alot of information which needs to be written professionally.

    Also check if the online games have the same rules of those in the bookies. If there are many games that are created in-house that do not offer the same payouts as the classic games, you’d probably best stay away as even if they do payout, the chances of you even getting wins for payouts are very much lower. That being said, these websites wouldn’t have gotten proper licences if they ran illegitimate games.

    If they have live customer service, try them out! You will be able to tell if they are actually trying to answer your questions. This is a good way to find out if the website actually puts priority to customer service. If the customer service is poor, you are less likely to get a payout without hassle.

    You can also use this website to check for blacklisted casinos. https://www.casino.org/blacklisted/. Simply key in the name of the website and if that particular site was blacklisted, you would be able to see the name on the results. They even let you know why these websites were blacklisted. However, these websites are not always up to date and depend on users reporting the questionable practices of a house. Thus, it is still important to do the other checks yourself even if the website you are looking at is not blacklisted!

    How is it possible that online casinos allow anyone to cash out?

    It’s no surprise that all gambling websites need to make some money in order to survive. So how is it possible that it can afford to pay the winners? Well, they do so with the ‘house edge’. This means that the longer you play games in a casino, either physical or on a website, the higher the chances you would have lost your money eventually. Thus there are always more losers than winners online. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a chance to win or win big. Especially if you choose games with lower house edge and apply other useful strategies as well.

    How do online casinos payout?

    Although there are many ways that you can transfer money into your account, online casinos usually pay out only directly into your bank account. This is so your money doesn’t end up in the hands of another. Most secure online gambling websites will only payout to bank accounts that match with the bettor’s name so make sure you sign up accordingly. You wouldn’t want to cash out on your wins at a physical location as this will endanger yourself, while carrying a big amount of cash with you.

    There may also be processing times for payouts so make sure you check the FAQ or terms and conditions pages so you know how long to wait.